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recycle-1-150x150The Barbourville Recycling Center is a joint initiative created and driven by community support.  Partners in the initiative are the Barbourville City Government, Knox County Government, local school districts, Union College, and many community service groups.

In August of 2008, the city of Barbourville mayor and city council were approached by a small group of concerned citizens.  Their request was that the city government examines the possibility of initiating a community recycling program.  The group included members of Knox County Unite, the Barbourville Women’s Club, the Barbourville Garden Club, the Barbourville Junior Women’s Study Club, the PRIDE organization, and local educators.

A series of meetings were held to analyze community interest and willingness to participate.  In cooperation with the City of Barbourville, a plan was formulated and contacts were made to begin.  Community partners have been forthcoming with unwavering steadfast support.  The initial results of the small recycling initiative have been surprising given the lack of advertising and community awareness.  Through state funding the recycle center has been equipped with the best equipment to efficiently operate the center.  To date the recycling center has kept approximately 100 tons of materials out of local landfills.recycle-2-150x150